Thursday, 10 October 2019

Sambar Recipe, How to make Sambar Recipe make

Sambar Recipe, How to make Sambar Recipe to make

First first sambar made by maratha ruler sambhaji legend states.His chef was absence of time when he make dal curry recipe.and then add tamarind to dal.this result is came as sambar.

Sambar is a breakfast with rice for Kerala,tamilnadu,karnadaka,andra.along with soup to take on launch.sambar also share with idly in kerala and tamilnadu,in vada sidish for sambar in south india,
Sambar can serve on hotel restaurants,Meal shops.

If Sambar is made from some of the vegitable or a combination of them:

potato,moringa,carrot,brinjal,okra,halved or whole onions,tomato,radish,pumpkin.

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