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Prawns fry recipe,How to make prawn fry recipe Making

Prawn fry how to make the recipe :

Prawn Fry is very favorable and delicious dish,Prawn fry can make to take fresh onion and fresh tomato's, fresh prawn.Prawn can cook at prawn curry, prawn masala,prawn pepper fry. Prawn masala fry use to mix with rotti and rice,Prawn fry can make with Kerala,Karnataka,Tamil Nadu,Andhra. In this place foods can come there in regional style with locally get ingredients.prawn fry is very tasty and delicious food all favorable place. 

Ingredients :

Prawns fry recipe,How to make prawn fry recipe Making

 Prawn -  225 grams
 Coriander powder - 3/4 tablespoon
 Ginger garlic - 1 3/4 tablespoon
 Red chilli powder - 1 tablespoon
 Oil - 3/4 tablespoon
 Salt as needed
 Garam Masala - 1 tablespoon
 Small Onion - 3/4 tablespoon
 Chilli powder - 3/4 tablespoon
 Curry leaves - 3 springs
 Coconut - 11\2 tablespoon
 cumin - 3/4 tablespoon


Prawn fry how to make the recipe :

Take prawn and can clean in water,and mix ingredence,set time for 45 minutes,Take one pan and take oil and then heat,pan and oil now hot then add cumin,cardamom 3/4 table spoon,3/4 tablespoon,and then Take cut pieces of onion and then add cutted green chilly with solt fry golden level, In pan heat fry prawn stir fry,and if can want add coconut and small amount of red chilly. add 3 spring curry leaves and then fry continuely,now prawn fry ready serve with rice,sappathi, dosa,idly also.

Nutrition :

Prawns fry recipe, How to make prawn fry recipe Making

  Calcium - 168mg
  Potassium - 188mg
  Carbohydrates - 9g
  Sodium   -  818mg
  protien - 23g
  vitamin c - 53 mg
  Cholesterol - 254mg
  sugar - 3g
  vitamin A - 679IU
  Saturated fat : 2g
  Fiber : 3g

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