Monday, 16 September 2019

Insurance brief discussion policy claim

Insurance policy and claim procedures :

Insurance Claims Process - Simplified brief explanation
What is Insurance Brief discussion
Insurance & Indian Income Tax brief explanation
Life Insurance Cover – Policy Lapse & Revival main points
Is Buying Insurance from Private Insurance Co.’s in India a Good Idea brief explanation Method
Do You Have Health Insurance brief explanation
Bad News for Insurance Investors & Agents brief explanation
Cashless Hospitalization in Health Insurance brief explanation

Insurance claims process Brief explanation simplified :

An insurance claim is a policy holder's formal request to an coverage of insurance company  or compensation for a covered policy event,compensation for a covered loss or . The insurance company once approved for validates the claim and issues payment to the insured person or behalf of the insured for an approved interested party 

What is Insurance Brief discussion

Insurance is a means of financial loss for protection. Insurance is a form of risk management, the risk of a contingent against hedge primarily used and loss of uncertain. An entity which provides insurance is known mean as underwriter,insurance company,insurance carrier,an insurer.

ULIPs brief explanation :

Unit Linked Insurance Plans which are more commonly called ULIPs. We give brief explanation about that.

Should You Exit your ULIPs Now brief explanation
Returns Comparison - ULIPs Vs NPS main point explanation
ULIPs De-Mystified brief explanation
SEBI Bans Insurance companies from selling ULIPs brief explanation
Can ULIPs Really Guarantee Returns Main points.
Are ULIPs becoming Obsolete Main points.

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